Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

A guide to the best earth-loving gifts by Victoria Chiriboga (@upcyclemind)

1.Remu Apparel- Custom Upcycled Denim Jacket.

Remu Apparel focuses on creating not just a solution to textile waste by using upcycled jeans to make their unique denim jackets, but also the empowerment and self sufficiency of women in marginal areas of Ecuador.

The Custom Denim jacket, allows you to choose what type of materials to be used (all sustainably sourced or upcycled), and create you one of kind design.

2. ThinkDirty- Clean-Beauty Box.

Think Dirty is a company fully committed to educating about clean beauty products, and the truth about what chemicals in traditional cosmetics have on us. Backed by scientific research (always linked in each of the products page), you can determine weather your lipstick, shampoo or moisturizer is creating a hormonal imbalance or releasing carcinogens into your body.

Gifting their beauty box subscription is the perfect gift of self-love. There are several, beautifully curated, boxes you can choose from.

3. Package Free Shop- Zero Waste Kit.

“On a mission to make the world less trashy”, Package Free Shop is your go-to for zero-waste essentials. 

You can choose from your basic starter kit, to a skincare routine kit, or even one for your pets. All of these include the essentials you’ll need to live the trash-free-earth-loving life you always wanted.

4. Pela Case- World’s First Sustainable Phone Case.

The world’s first 100% compostable phone case is the perfect gift for the tech and nature lover in your life. 

Pela Case is made from a compostable bioplastic composed of flax straw. Additionally, Pela has a Cause cases that donate a % of their proceeds to organizations who work for specific environmental causes. Save the bees, Shark Bite, and Polar Bear are some of our favorites.

5. Amarapura Lifestyle- LifeDesign Retreat.

Soulful, natural luxury.  Devoted to creating experiences that enhance your sensitivity towards life and exploring the world through the eyes of a nomad.  Amarapura Lifestyle hosts retreats around the world that connect yogis, spiritual guides, artists, and beautiful places to help you design a life of abundance and spirituality.

6. All Birds- Sustainable Sneakers.

The most comfortable shoes in the world were designed to keep your feet and the planet happy. Allbirds is one of the few certified BCorps brands, focused on making incredible and sustainable products from renewable and sustainably sourced materials. Soft, warm and incredibly cool styles to wear everyday.

7. BLUELAND- Plastic + chemical free cleaning kit.

Cleaning your home, to save OUR home. Blueland created a series of non-toxic, refillable, incredibly simple-to-use cleaning products. Focused on helping you reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your home, all you need to do is fill up your Blueland bottle with water, drop in the tablet, and use it! Some of our picks include the Glass+Mirror Set and the Multi-Surface Set, but you can find a variety of products for every inch of your house.

8. YogaGirl retreat- Ubud, Bali. April 11-18, 2020.

Spend a week in Bali with Bee Bosnak, one of the world’s best yoga and meditation teachers in the world. Focus on healing, meditating and enjoying the most beautiful island in the world.

9. 5 Gyres- Donate to end plastic pollution.

The 5Gyres Institute is a non-profit focused on ending ocean plastic pollution. With a world-wide ambassador program to spread the latest scientific findings on plastic pollution, and ocean research expeditions, they have become leaders in the environmental movement. This is the perfect way to put your words into actions, and gifting our world with solutions.

10. Liforme- Biodegradable, non-toxic, PVC-free yoga mats

Yoga’s favorite mat is not just designed to enhance your practice, and help you connect to your intention, but save the planet. Liforme is a non-toxic, biodegradable yoga mat, and the most recommended by some of the world’s best yoga teachers, for its unique alignment system. The perfect gift for the yogi in your life.


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