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Peguche Jacket

Sale price$230.00

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Stay cozy all day in the ultra-soft and warm comfort of the Peguche Jacket. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the indigenous community of Peguche, Ecuador, this stunning piece combines comfort and culture... Adorned with upcycled denim details and traditional Ecuadorian patterns, the jacket makes a statement while celebrating the Andean region. Finishing touches include sustainably sourced Tagua buttons from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Wear the Peguche Jacket to bring a piece of the Andes with you on your travels.

Peguche Size Chart
Chest Shoulder Sleeve Length Waist
XS 21 ½ 17 ¾ 23 28 21 ½
S 22 ½ 18 ¾ 23 ½ 28 ½ 22 ½
M 23 ½ 19 ¾ 24 29 23 ½
L 24 ½ 20 ¾ 24 ½ 29 ½ 24 ½
XL 25 1/2 21 ¾ 25 30 25 ½
XXL 26 ½ 22 ¾ 25 ½ 30 ½ 26 ½


Measurements in inches & jacket measured flat over a surface.

Peguche Jacket
Peguche Jacket Sale price$230.00

Artisans from

The community of Miranda

We work with seamstresses from rural communities of Ecuador to handcraft each of our pieces, enabling them to become independent through their skills and provide for their families.

An Ode To Our Region

The Andes

We wanted to have at least one product that would be an ode to our region in Ecuador, The Andes. Handcrafted by the Otavalo's in Peguche Ecuador, this jacket is crafted with a traditional blanket. The patterns, the style and the purpose of this product are directly drawn from the mountains that surround us and that we grew up around.

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