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Our Story

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The Origin

Remu was born in the winter of 2017, when the three of us, Jose, Juan Xavier, and Felipe, came together with the idea to sell travel hammocks and plant a tree in the Amazon for each one sold. Upon waiting for the first batch to arrive, we realized we had no idea where our products were being made, who was producing them, under what conditions, and out of what materials. This lack of clarity was also a fixture of the fashion industry.

As we learned about the immense waste of both textiles and natural resources generated by the companies making our clothes, we decided to shift Remu’s purpose to helping to transform one of the largest global industries. As a result, our goal immediately became to create a clothing company that would take responsibility for the quality and longevity of its products as well as their impact on the Earth.

Where We Are Headed

Our belief is that Remu Apparel can become a platform to educate people about the harsh social and environmental realities hidden within clothing while offering garments that allow us all to participate in a more conscious, low-impact narrative. We have set out to create a unique line of sustainable and ethically made menswear that tailors sustainability to your lifestyle. Our clothing is made for creators, artists, innovators, men that believe in something greater than themselves, those convinced they can change the world with big ideas and conscious efforts.

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