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Apu Leather Backpack in Cognac

Sale price$350.00

Love backpacks but hate looking like you just got off school? You're not alone! The Apu Leather Backpack was designed for professionals. Everything you love about your backpack, without sacrificing the look. Handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans out of premium full-grain leather. This backpack has been made to last a lifetime. 

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Apu Leather Backpack in Cognac
Apu Leather Backpack in Cognac Sale price$350.00

Top-Grain Leather & Vegetable Dye

Natural Elegance

Our collection celebrates the natural beauty of top-grain leather, renowned for its durability and rich texture. Each piece is meticulously dyed using vegetable-based formulas, ensuring an eco-friendly process that enhances the leather's inherent qualities. This marriage of high-grade materials and sustainable practices results in a product that not only exudes elegance but also respects the environment.

Ecuadorian Techqniques

Passed down generations

We work with artisans from rural communities of Ecuador to handcraft each of our pieces, enabling them to become independent through their skills and provide for their families.

We seek to make partnerships around Ecuador and Latin America with artisans that preserve ancient crafts of our region.

Ecuador's Leather Heritage

Andean Artistry

In homage to the rich heritage of Ecuadorian craftsmanship, we present our leather collection, a testament to the skill and tradition of local artisans. Crafted in the heart of Ecuador, each piece is a product of centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. The leather, sourced from the Andean highlands, is treated with natural dyes and age-old methods, resulting in a product that not only tells a story of our culture but also stands the test of time. This collection is a tribute to the artisans who, with every stitch and fold, bring the spirit of Ecuador to life.

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