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Can you guess which superfood was used to color this jacket? We were so excited to learn that natural dye from amaranth would give us this striking deep pink color, which we think will look awesome at springtime barbecues and on weekend road trips. After falling in love with the centuries-old Nehru jacket design, we decided to create our own as a tribute and have given it an Andean twist. With its sleek, versatile silhouette, our Tambo Jacket was designed to meet your need for elegant style in the office, on a mountain top, or when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. The natural wool offers warmth and total comfort while making it lightweight enough to be the ultimate travel buddy. 


The Tambo Jacket is made of 100% Andean Wool handspun in the community of Salasaca, Ecuador by artisans who raise the sheep themselves. With locally-sourced thread, as well as buttons made from the Ecuadorian Tagua nut, we’ve put sustainability in the details. Our signature Sangoracha color was developed using ancient techniques passed down through generations to harness natural plant dyes. The result is a long-lasting, low-impact alternative to typical chemical dyes. With all this in mind, slight color and texture variation is natural and part of what makes our products so special.