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Inspired by breathtaking sunsets over the Andes mountains, our Element Sunset pattern incorporates stripes dyed with eucalyptus and amaranth to offset the unique color of raw wool, giving you a piece that is altogether distinctive and sustainable. This is the perfect over shirt for those who appreciate the look and feel of a slightly oversized fit while looking for an extra dose of unique texture. 


  •   Limited Edition: 20 or less will be made of this overshirt
  •   Made to order
  •   100% hand-spun Andean wool
  •   Thread handspun and woven in a pedal loom by artisans in Salasaca, Ecuador
  •   Dyed with natural plants 
  •   Vegetable ivory buttons - Tagua
  •   Label crediting the artisan who manufactured it
  •   Ethically Handcrafted in Miranda, Northern Ecuadorian Andes
  •   Unique Color: slight variation in shade will occur as a result of the use of natural materials 
  •   Dry clean only