Sierra Jacket

in Light Wash


Estimated Delivery: 14-21 days.

We are so excited about this addition to the Sierra line! Now you’re able to take our iconic Sierra Denim Jacket to even colder climates thanks to a lining of blended natural wool. This iteration of the jacket offers the strength and durability our denim ware is known for, plus a soft, blanket-like interior to keep you exploring in comfort. 

Our premium Andean wool combines forces with upcycled denim to bring you the best way to look good on a mountain. And if scenic overlooks aren't your thing, it’s also excellent to drink beer in. Either way, the Sierra Jacket is a piece you won’t find anywhere else. Roomy vertical pockets and custom iron buttons are a few of our favorite details that accentuate the already classic Nehru jacket design. Our modern approach to traditional patterns of the Andes region is framed by dark denim trim, resulting in a jacket that looks great buttoned or open. Assembled by artisans in our partner workshop in Miranda, Ecuador, this piece is the real deal when it comes to ethical, eco-conscious design.


Our Sierra Jacket is a blend of 90% wool and 10% cotton treated to be exceptionally soft. With completely upcycled denim trim, locally-sourced thread, and hand-forged iron buttons, we are keeping our promise to bring you truly sustainable fashion that’s built to last. With all of this in mind, slight color and texture variation is natural and part of what makes our products so special.

We work with seamstresses from rural communities to handcraft each of our pieces, enabling them to become independent through their skills and provide for their families. We pay 7% of the price of each of our products directly to the seamstress that manufactured it. 

Did you know an average pair of jeans requires over 1,800 gallons of water to be manufactured? That is the equivalent to the amount of water that a family of four needs for 64 weeks. ⁠Reusing fabric offsets the production of new material and in turn, offsets the usage of resources. By upcycling denim through this jacket, we avoid the waste of roughly 7,800 gallons of water and give new life to around 1.8 pounds of textiles.

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