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REMU REMake Demin Jacket

We make the best jean jackets from upcycled denim (second-hand jeans + fabric waste that we buy from local denim factories). We aim to empower the women who skillfully handcraft our products by providing fair-paying jobs in marginal areas around Ecuador. To give them credit for their amazing work, we include the name of the women who manufactured each jacket. To make the jackets even more unique, warmer and comfy, we use a lining made in Otavalo an indigenous community in the mountains of Ecuador.  

The REMU REMake Jacket was designed to accompany you around the world, anywhere from hiking in New Zealand to strolling through the streets of New York City.

The traditional indigenous patterns used in our linings infuse our jackets with Andean culture and makes each piece one of a kind. The same fabric is also used to make our REMU Otavalo blankets. They are perfect to cuddle up with in front of a fire or on the sofa. These cozy blankets look perfect as a bed throw or hung on your wall. They will bring a little bit of the Andes into your home!

Everything we use in our products outside of the repurposed denim, such as tags, labels, buttons, and threads, are produced throughout the Andes. This means that when you buy clothing from REMU, you are supporting communities, entrepreneurs, and artisans from all over South America.