It is no surprise the Nehru jacket design which was created as early as in the 10th century has transcended through history managing to persist and remain relevant.

Since the first time we saw the design, we fell in love with it and as a tribute, we’ve created our own with an Andean twist.  The perfect mix between cotton and Andean wool, blend into everlasting comfort. While keeping you warm, the Tambo Coat has a slick design that makes it extremely versatile. We designed it knowing it will become your go-to companion for any occasion.



The Tambo Coat has been built with a breathable yet warm blend of 50% Andean Wool & 50% cotton. The softness of the wool mixed with the structure of the cotton, make an extremely well formed jacket.

The cherry on top is that the handcrafted buttons are made out of the Tagua seeds, also known as the Vegetable Ivory. This natural product is widely known as Vegetable Ivory for its color and hardness. It is a native species that grows in the tropical rainforest of Ecuador. Tagua handcrafts are the best option to replace Ivory products, by using the seed we are helping to stop elephant hunting.